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Wednesday review : Sunglassesshop

First of let me start by saying This is NOT a sponsored post, I write this because I really enjoyed their service and how nice they are.

I have been looking at sunglasses for a very long time, but somehow I never really got around to buy some good ones. I have really sensitive eyes, and the sun can really ruin my day on those really bright days (I have moebius syndrome), so sunglasses with poloride is a must for me. My boyfriend kept rambling about www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk and that I have to look there, because they have so much, and it is cheaper than what it cost in Denmark, so I looked and I fell in love so badly with these bad boys

I couldn't figure out if you get these with poloride so I wrote to customer service, and they were so nice to explain everything to me. 
Unfortunately these weren't with poloride, so I ended up getting the über famous black ray-ban wayfarer ones. I ordered my sunglasses and after a few days I had them. I orded them up to a weekend, so it took some ekstra time, because the danish postal service sucks lol
When I received the package, you could see that it was very neatly packed, and that made me happy, because then you know it is quality that you are buying.

 photo foto12_zps7deb2285.jpg
This was how it looked

 photo foto14_zps57bc5856.jpg
So neatly packed


  • If it is your first time ordering, you get a 10% discount... that is a SCORE!!! I used it and saved a bit. 
  • You get free delivery which is pretty awesome. 
  • Customer Service are super friendly
  • You can buy designer brands like Ray-Ban, Chanel & Oakley
  • You can see what all those famous people are wearing, and get inspired
 photo foto13_zps6a840868.jpg
I love my new sunnies

I honestly couldn't be more happy for my sunnies, and I swear I would not recommend this company if it was crap or if I was treated poorly. I might just have to buy those turquoise green ones or write them on my wishlist for my birthday next month :P

What are your favorite pair of sunglasses?


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