mandag den 1. juli 2013

Front cover: Miranda Kerr

Hi lovelies
I was browsing through some fashion blogs and I saw that Miranda Kerr is on the Korean Elle, and she look so amazing that I had to show you guys.
The cover is very appealing and simple, but yet you get the feel of summer. If I could read korean I would totally buy this.

 photo bn0e00qcyaajxos__oPt_zpsf9e12046.jpg

 photo bnovlqiciaebisk__oPt_zps13946ba7.jpg

 photo bniqwiscaaabgm9__oPt_zpsc35444f7.jpg

 photo bno2891caaiawlo__oPt_zps5b41e845.jpg

 photo bniqdgzciaeokbi__oPt_zpsa86d5677.jpg

 photo bniqk_3cyaab7mw__oPt_zpsca02bebd.jpg

I love the white boots in the second last picture, I wouldn't mind wearing those.
What is your favorite pic? And do you guys buy magazines because the pictures are appealing, or because of great articles?

Happy 1st of July Lovelies

Disclamer: Pictures are from Elle magazine/

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