onsdag den 3. juli 2013

Wednesday workout #3

Wednesday workout - Blogilates Style

I haven't really been feeling like making my own workout playlist today, so instead I went with a blogilates playlist. Cassey Ho the woman behind Blogilates makes monthly workout calendars and I am always downloading them to get inspiration.. I usually mix it in with the tone it up girls calendar :) 

Anywho today I felt like working on my abs, and Cassey had just the perfect playlist. Look here. I picked the 1st of July, because it has a lot of abs exercise in that playlist.

Here are the videos I did

I hope you guys love this... I feel this in my body right now, but not in a painful way. I am gonna let you know how I feel tomorrow.

I ended the workout with a good cup of green tea and youtube videos

How was your workouts today?


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