fredag den 12. juli 2013

Friday loving #1

Hello Lovelies.

I wanted to share some things with you guys that I am currently loving, and can't get enough of. Oh and I do love making these posts so they are coming back YAY

Rimmel Kate 03

My new lipstick. Oh how much I love this. It's a perfect nude you can wear everyday. I've been wearing it everyday since I got it.

Animal Crossing: New leaf (for nintendo 3ds)

I got this game yesterday, as an early birthday present from my boyfriend. I have been talking about this game for so long, that he had had enough lol 
I have been playing this non stop since I've put the game in :O It is so cute and so fun at the same time.
Let me no if you guys play it

Red bull sugarfree

I've been drinking this bad boy non stop, I've been so tired lately :/
Normally I am a monsters girl, but lately when I have been drinking one I have had trouble catching my breath... so weird right? I don't know if it's the monster doing it or the fact that I am just weird lol

What are your favorites?


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