fredag den 24. februar 2012


Wow this week has been a long one for me.. felt it was neverending until today.
I have one of these periods where work is extra boring and in my mind I could be doing everything else lol.

Yesterday I got that nail pack I ordered last friday, and when I opened it i was like wow there is a lot of stuff in here, including a creepy practice finger. I will post whats in the pack maybe tomorrow ;)
I made a deal with one of my friends that I'll come see her in april (she lives far away and I honestly can't afford it right now), and she'll teach me everything I need to know. She did however tell me to read up on nails & anatomy cause thats a need to know thing when you want to do nails... especially on others (thats a tip for you girls)

I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks and OH MY GOD my legs are dying. Don't get me wrong I have been training just not at the gym... So heres getting back to sweating at the gym lol

then my bf went grocery shopping for our pizza we had for dinner, and came home with this little surprise for me.
I've been eyeing this Kinder easter egg for a while now and so sweet and lovely he is he bought it for me.

Our pizza we had for dinner yummy... healthy and delicious

Then I had these bad boys for my friday candy... hehe I still act like a kid sometimes

Then we did some impulse shopping right before the mall closed. We decided we wanted the Skyrim game so we ran around the mall to find it, cause of course of all the days you decide you want to buy this game they decide to redecorate

I hope you guys are good and yay for the weekends arrival 

Xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. kinder chocolate is my fave!! happy weekend! ;D

    1. Yes it tastes soooo good.. And a happy weekend to you Jade =D

  2. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and recover from your workout!