torsdag den 16. februar 2012

Day 2 - My first love

I really would like to say that my boyfriend was and is my first love cause that would have been really superduper romantic, but my big first love falls on music.

I've been trough ups and downs (just like anybody else), good things and bad things were music has been involved, and to be honest music is THAT big of a deal of my life that to this day if it weren't for music I probably wouldn't have been a live.

I hit a very dark period in my life a couple of years ago, and didn't really have anybody to turn too, not even my family. Everything was against me and I honestly felt like a good life was wasted on me. I didn't have any friends, I was teased in school and the memories still lived on, I walked around with a handicap thinking I was the only one out there in the world that was a "freak" like me and my family was... well being my family (not a good thing), and I just gave up.

Then as stupid as it sounds one little concert won me over, gave me hope and made me fight for what I believe in, cause maybe I wasn't that bad?
To this day I owe my life to the band I went seeing, cause without that concert I know I wouldn't be on this earth now.

The band I saw and gave me hope was simple plan. I know they're not a big flashy band with a show that goes kaboom like madonna or britney or something but it was exactly what I needed. I've been to a lot of concerts, but this (their first in denmark - way back) is the one that sticks out.

Then I had an internet friend back then I used to write with she send me this song, and words can't even describe how much I love this song

So as you guys can see there is a reason why I call music my first big love, and I know my bf is cool with that.
I also tend to associate people with music, so when I think of someone a song always pop into my mind.. example I associate my boyfriend with the doors = roadhouse blues, cause he talked about them so much when we first got together and he loves this song.

So what are your guys first love?

xoxo Mie

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  1. I am glad you said music!! That too is my love as well! And I think we are so similar with the shit life we have gone through and music helping us.
    I also associate ppl with music =D
    Glad you are having a better life now (it seems a least) I think you will go far and you are such a good person, dont ever let ppl bring you down!