lørdag den 18. februar 2012

Day 4 - your parents

I don't know why but I think thát is a very private question.
 I have a mom yes, and I guess my dad is still around out there somewhere in this world.
I've never met my dad or have seen a picture of him. I was told by my mom that when he got the news that she was pregnant he purely denied he was the father.
They took a test and BAM he was.. anywho he said he wanted nothing to do with me and I can only say vice versa..
Sadly I don't really have any pics of my mom on the computer... maybe some other time :)

I hope you guys are doing great. Have a great saturday

Xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. that's intense, sorry. =( dad's are overratted I think anyways! I had a shitty one too.
    Thank goodness for other family members or friends.
    Hes a dick, you are better off without him I think!!

  2. I feel the same... and yes family and friends... who needs dads anyways baah