fredag den 17. februar 2012

day 3 - meaning behind your blog name

Well my blog name is actually pretty simple if you look at it - Artofmi3 (Art of Mie)
I love being crafty and such things and I thought this was a great name, tbh I think it sounded really cool.

My profile name (just to put that in as well cause I do get questions about this) its osxg33kgirl.

OSX = So first of I just want to explain to you guys that I love Apple/mac and I love the system osx that is on it, cause I think its easier to navigate around than on a windows.
So that was the first part of my name.

G33k = Geek ( yes i am a geek lol)

Girl = well I do have boobs, so I guess I qualify in that category 

So there you guys have it - I hope it made sense =D

Btw wow 3 posts on one day... Im on a roll

Xoxo Mie

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