tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

Smile + blogging through february

Hola guys.
 So my blog everyday in february is almost over, and it has been a really cool experience....AND i did not miss a day
I never thought this, but I actually got to talk to you guys a bit more than usual. 
I have to admit that some days it has been a bit tricky to find things to blog about, cause there are just days that I am so lazy and dont want to do anything, but I forced my way through and I am so not sorry for it all, I actually feel happy once everything is posted.. Im like yay is anybody gonna write to me?
I have you guys to thank for almost having 10.000 views on my blog, so freaking insane *HUGE HUGS TO EVERYONE*

Well I almost used all my blogging ideas on this month so if you guys want to see or read something let me know lol

I freaking love you all... If I had cake I would give YOU a slice

Xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. mm..I love cake!! We love you too! Thanks for blogging :)

  2. we love you, too!
    yay for non missing a day in february! :D

  3. awww congratulations on all your blog views!! well i enjoy the content of your blog.. cant believe you did a blog post for every single day of the month.. i run out of idea all the time but its not that i dont have anything to say, its just that i always think its not gonna be interesting for the people to read..
    i love being your reader, thanks for blogging :) xo