mandag den 13. februar 2012

A few pictures from my weekend

I thought I wanted to share some pictures I took this weekend while I was away with my bf.. We didn't do as much as we planned to cause my bf is sick :(

This was our small garden... filled with snow

And our fireplace. So nice cause I was freezing like crazy. And btw yes i am very two different socks... I do that a lot lol

When I was cooking my boyfriend all of the sudden said close your eyes, close your eyes.. So I did and he ran out in the snow and lit up some outdoors candles. So romantic

Little ol me

We were so gaming that weekend

I braided my hair for the first time in like 500 years lol

This was our view on our way back home

Hope you guys had a nice weekend


3 kommentarer:

  1. Love the pictures!!!

    I hope your boy feels better :P

    1. Thank you.. yeah he is slowly getting there

  2. wow I love the trees! great pics Mie and MONSTERRRRR =D