torsdag den 9. februar 2012

Hola peeps =D

Uh I almost forgot to write a blog post today.. I have this little thing going that I have to write a blog every day in february and so for so good =D

So today is little friday yeah thats what I call thursday just because I freaking love the weekend.

This evening has been spend on playing a bit of xbox and drawing a tattoo for a co worker... I just started so yeah its nowhere near finished... it is supposed to be a rose with a ribbon around it - referring to her late grandma 

What do you guys think of it so far?... I am not that good at shadows and she is warned lol.. so experts out there dont bash me too hard please - oh and again its not even close to finished

Tomorrow me and the bf are going to my in laws vacation house a bit outside of the city so that is gonna be so nice and peaceful.... I've been looking forward to it for days
What are you guys gonna do for the weekend?

Im gonna leave you guys with a little quote cause I love them 


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