søndag den 26. februar 2012

Rimmel london Wake me up foundation

hello bloggerbugs, so this week I was on a hunt for a new foundation and trust me it was a complicated hunt. First I found one I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted (via youtube - forgot the name now sorry), and I was like great Im gonna go shopping for this RIGHT NOW.. well turnes out they freaking discontinued it here in denmark.. yeah I said a lot of bad words when I found out lol.
Then I did some youtubing again and heard about this new foundation from Rimmel called Wake me up, and everyone only had good things to say so I thought fine.... I might as well try that one instead (clearly not over my first loss at that point lol)
Then the funny thing is I actually forgot I bought this foundation until today were I tried it out. 

First impressions: I really like this foundation and it is kinda foolproof and trust me I need that cause I know nothing about foundations.
I blended mine with my fingers just to try, and it blends really well. Its not a full coverage you get, but it still makes your skin puurrdy oh and I dont feel its heavy on your skin either.

My color is Ivory, cause I am freaking pale... Nothing to do about that so I embrace it

Have you guys tried this one out, and how do you feel about it?

Xoxo Mie

4 kommentarer:

  1. i haven't tried this one but i like the shape of the bottle a lot!
    rimmel makes nice foundation and powder products. :)

    1. Yeah its cool :D I actually dont own a lot of rimmel so cant really say anything

  2. nice! i shall check it out