mandag den 6. februar 2012

Nutrilett weight control

I have to admit that with this kind of weather we are having at the moment I find it very hard to go the gym. I read somewhere that the night between saturday and sunday was the coldest it have been in 27 years here in Denmark... OMG!
Anyways I know its a poor excuse but it really is like the wind is eating you up, so I found this product called nutrilett that is a low calorie diet (Btw this product was NOT giving to me for free - just so you wont judge me ;)), and I thought I might give it a try, oh and just so you guys know I do eat real food as well haha

I usually have a hard time with powder/loose weight soups and drinks cause I can't stand the taste of powder, but I have to say I was taken by surprise by this.
I do have to admit that this soup tastes a bit ehm you know healthy but its definitely is the best I've tried, and I will be repurchasing it. 

Put the mix in a small bowl (or in my case a huge cup)

Boil 3 dl water and pour it over the soup mix and whisk it together so it looks like soup lol

I finished it up by adding some garlic and paprika to it

The smell is actually really good as well

What kind of low cal products do you guys buy?


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  1. Your exactly the same as me, i have tried loads of different ones and they just end up tasting horrible! but definately be checking this out if you like it as most people hate the stuff XD

    1. Usually I regret buying these kind of products but not this one :)

  2. Cute blog. (:

    Check out my blog? (:

  3. hmm...I'm famous for Weight Watchers products. I even buy their cream cheese!

    1. I don't think you can get weight watchers here :/