fredag den 17. februar 2012

Uh oh no I didn't ;)

So today I did some online shopping AGAIN (I really shouldn't own a computer), and I bought a gel nail starter xxxl kit.
Nail art fascinates me and this is something I might want to pursue in the near future, so I thought I wanted to try this little starter kit out
I went on an ebay like site and found this kit for a really good price, and I thought why not, plus I have someone who can help me (train me)

Uh I so can't wait to get this in the mail...

Hope you guys are doing great out there...

Happy friday

xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. Funny you just bought this, I just did a review on a different kit. I love the at home gel nail kit and I have had a lot of fun with mine.

  2. THat sounds so good.. Cant wait to read it when I have some time :D