mandag den 3. december 2012

Movie Monday: Breaking Dawn part 2 (review)

Synopsis from Itunes

The astonishing conclusion to the series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, PART 2, illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

My opinion

I definitely thought that this was the best of all the twilight movies...even the first.
But to be honest (and I know some people are going to get angry - sorry), I do not think any of the twilight movies including the new one is oscar worthy. It is simply not good enough.
Breaking down part 2 is a great romantic chick movie that you can enjoy by yourself, with your friends or even your boyfriend. I was pleasantly surprised about some of the fight scenes and on multiple times I felt like going Oh snap lol, so if you guys like the twilight saga don't hesitate... go watch it NOW

Did you guys see this movie? and what did you think?
If you haven't seen the movie are you interested in seeing it?

Have a great weekend guys

Xoxo Mie

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  1. The best episode of twilight saga :)
    Renesmee is such a cutie!
    I am a long time follower here,
    Please follow back.


  2. I've heard great things about this movie!! Even though I don't really like the story of the Twilight series, I quite enjoy watching the movies and think they have amazing special effects!!


  3. Hi.

    Thanks ever so much for coming to my blog. Glad you liked my nail post.
    Great blog sweetie :)
    I havent seen this yet, really need to get on it!
    Now following you :)

  4. I completely agree with you rs!!