tirsdag den 25. december 2012

My christmas eve

Oh I had such a wonderful Christmas eve surrounded by family and so much love.
I started my day of just taking care of small things and writing blog (I have been writing every day this december - so proud lol)
Then around 4pm I went to my in-laws house where we started of making christmas goodies and seeing Disneys Christmas Show. I don't care how old I am Disney's christmas show is something I have to watch every year.

And this was the pretty christmas tree

My sister in law - She is so sweet.

I kind of forgot to take pictures of rest of the evening..
But then we ate a litte (A LOT), went for a walk in the rain lol, and then we came back for dessert.
Then we sat that in the living room where we drank some coffee/tea and ate a little bit more, then we sang some christmas carols, and then it was present time. 
I will make a post for the curious ones about what I got later :D
when my bf and I finally got home it was around 00.30.

I hope you guys had an amazing day/evening 

Xoxo, Mie

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  4. Such a wonderful Christmas night! So warm.

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