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Movie Review: Battleship

Taken from trailers.apple.com:

Peter Berg (Hancock) produces and directs Battleship, an epic-scaled action-adventure that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force. Inspired by Hasbro's classic naval combat game, Battleship stars Taylor Kitsch as Lt. Alex Hopper, a Naval officer assigned to the USS John Paul Jones; Brooklyn Decker as Sam Shane, a physical therapist and Hopper's fiancee; Alexander Skarsgard as Hopper's older brother, Stone, Commanding Officer of the USS Sampson; Rihanna as Petty Officer Raikes, Hopper's crewmate and a weapons specialist on the USS John Paul Jones; and international superstar Liam Neeson as Hopper and Stone's superior (and Sam's father), Admiral Shane

My thoughts:
When I first heard about this movie I honestly didn't know what to expect at all, but I can say that I came out from the movies pleasantly surprised.
It is a guy movie yes (my bf's turn to pick a movie lol), but I enjoyed it as well, we even talked about buying it on blueray when it comes out... Lots of action and aliens oh my.
The downside of this movie: Rihanna. She is a great singer and dancer and looks good but all I could think about was there is rihanna on the screen (not the person she was portraying). Im not saying she is a bad actress at all maybe its just me being used to seeing her sing about an umbrella ella ella and stuff.

Funny little story - when we arrive at the movies my bf is leading us into the movie room or what you guys call it and we can't understand why there is no one there.
Well after 5 - 10 minutes a lot of old people walks in the room and all I keept thinking was wow these people are freaking cool even though they are a bit old, and in the meantime my bf is freaking out cause he cant believe its true.. well then he checks our tickets again just to be sure and it turns out we are in the wrong room lol.. 
Well thank good we only missed like 5 minutes of the movie, when we finally found the room

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend

Xoxo Mie

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  1. Aw, I'm glad you only missed a few minutes of the movie! I'm thinking of being nice and taking my bf to this instead of a girly movie for a change! :P