onsdag den 4. april 2012

Wishlist wednesday #12

Yay for another wishlist - kinda forgot about it.

So lets start :D

1:  Being healthy.
I've been feeling a little crappy these past days and trying to do my best to get on top of my game again. I was gonna blog everyday throughout april but yeah that didn't happen :/

2. Sunshine

Weird wish I know, but I am FINALLY on vacation (from work) and the weather is not really in my favor But I am still hoping and wishing for a bit of sunshine.
It is amazing what the sun does for your mood.

3. Monster absolutely zero.

I REALLY want to try it. I love the low carb one (trying to stay some what healthy here), so I really want to try the absolutely zero. Please get it to Denmark.

What is on your wishlist this wednesday?

Xoxo Mie

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  1. Sunshine is a good wish!
    The absolute zero was nothing special..weve had it here for almost a year and honestly I have only bought it the one time and never again. The rehabs are way better!!! But I hope you get to try it because we need to try every flavor!!! I really want to try über monster!!! It isn't in Canada yet and probably won't be for like a year :(