tirsdag den 24. april 2012

I got m@il

So last friday I got a lovely package delivered at my door, and it was from one of the best and coolest girls I've "met" on the interweb Taygan.
She got free monster gear and thought of little me yay - Btw follow her cause she really is sweet. Wish she (and all my other blogger friends) lived closer, it would be so awesome.

I blurred out the addresses... no stalkerazzies here

this was my first sight... i thought jeez she said she wouldn't send much... this is just wow (and by that i mean a lot)

This is what I got - So freaking cool

This is gonna be a permanent thing in my purse when I get a new one.. the one I have now is just... you know yuk

When my bf saw this he stole it, and he has been wearing it non stop no joke

This is a new favorite - I wish you could buy this stuff in denmark. I would be an addict

So freaking cool

My monster shirt - so I look a bit meh just got out of the shower at that point and had to try it on. The shirt is a bit baggy but you cant really see it in the picture cause im so concentrated on strutting my stuff bwahaha

So thank you, thank you, thank you to the one and only monster (montsergirl) girl, I definitely got some new favorites :P

Okai time for bed, its super late as im writing this - btw sorry for my spelling and stuff :)
hope you guys are having a great week so far

Xoxo Mie

2 kommentarer:

  1. =D Glad you liked everything and even if the shirt is a tent it still looks great on you!
    haha I was thinkin the bf might like the toque =) and you guys dont have the color tabs there right?
    oooo and HAPPPY FRIDAY LADY!!! YAY FOR THE WEEKEND!!! what we live for!

    1. No we dont have the color tabs they are so cool.. we just have them in grey..
      Yeeeeeeees weekend wooooooop