torsdag den 19. april 2012

❀Perfect night❀

Yesterday (d.18.4.12) my bf and I got on a small roadtrip to Copenhagen just to go to a concert.
As some of you may know I have this special thing for simple plan and they were the ones playing last night.
Anywho we got to Copenhagen and I got to spend a little time with my cousins before the bf, my cousin and I went to the show.
Before the show I got a chance to meet some of the members from We The Kings. They were playing before simple plan. The guys were so amazingly sweet (I might just do a blog about them with pictures too ;) ), and I got a lot of autographs woohoo.

Concert time: As I wrote We The Kings got on first and they delivered an amazing show. Travis (the lead singer) really knows how to sing live and keep a crowd going. We the kings are not really known here in denmark but I bet that when they left the country again they had a ton of new fans.

Thats me :)

And as always Simple plan delivered a fun and amazing show as well.. I really love these guys live

I was jumping, dancing, screaming and singing my way through the evening and no jk my body is so tired still (the day after). 
The best part was that I talked my cousin in to going with us (its been so long since we did something fun together), and we had a blast.
I might have some footage on my camera from the concert that Im going to upload.. but only if the sound isn't totally crappy

oh and btw im so in CTFxC's new vlog yes I am woop

Hope your guys had an amazing day and yay its friday really soon ;)

Xoxo Mie

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  1. Wow you got some really good pics! I bet it would have been such a good show, wish I coulda went with you!!

    1. It really was an awesome show.. they never disappoint. It would have been so cool if you could have come :P