søndag den 15. april 2012

review: Wet n wild Coverall concealer

From wnwbeauty.com:

Creamy formula conceals and minimizes blemishes, discolored areas, fine lines, and other skin imperfections. Wand applicator blends easily for a flawless finish.

What do I think?
I really love wet n wild I do, but I was so majorly disappointed in this concealer.
It did not cover at all under the eyes, and I feel like I can keep on packing the product on just to make it look okay. The fine line thing is a lie.. I have small (minimalistic) fine lines (I am so getting old O.O) and it did not help what so ever.
I really regret buying this product and wont be repurchasing it again.

What do you guys think about this concealer?

Xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love creamy concealers, i feel liek they apply so much better than the stick versions you can get :)


  2. I've never tried this, but thanks for letting us know its no good and not to waste our money. Good review


  3. sounds pretty disappointing =( I am surprised as well because wnw has some really great products for their pricing!! I will stay away from this!