torsdag den 5. april 2012

Girl crush: Rachel Stevens

Okay just to clear some things up Im not really crushing on these ladies im posting but I respect and admire the women.. I am all in for GIRLPOWER (lol)

This time its Rachel stevens... I became a huge fan of her and the band S club 7 a loooong time ago, and I honestly forgot all about S club 7 until they randomly were played on my spotify.
I remember I admired her so much cause her and the band went of to do tv specials about endangered animals, and the big animal lover I am I just loved it and will always remember them for that.

This is the episode (from the tv special I was writing about before) about Siberian tigers.
Its cut into 3 parts on youtube so hope that is okay 

Xoxo Mie

P.s Happy easter

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  1. happy easter, Mie! :)
    i am not familiar with her but she looks very fresh faced. ;p