torsdag den 12. april 2012


Hola chicas 
Hope you guys are doing well... 
Man I've been neglecting this blog these last couple of days, I haven't even had the chance to read up on all the blogs I love, promise I will comment you guys :) 
My life has been pretty hectic, but hopefully it will cool down now.

So I honestly took these pictures saturday, but I really wanted to post it haha.

Both tops Im wearing are from H&M
Pants from New yorker
Shoes.... ehm I'll get back to you guys with that if I remember ;)

Hope you guys are doing great and YES its weekend soon WOOOOP

Xoxo Mie

3 kommentarer:

  1. Getting busy with real life happens - don't apologize! :) I love those shoes you're wearing! They are gorgeous!

  2. lol i love the second picture!
    your booties are fab!