lørdag den 21. april 2012

❀My new obsession - We the kings❀

After I went to the we the kings/simple plan concert (read about it here), I've been non stop listening to We the kings.
I have never really heard about the band before I found out they were gonna play at the concert too, oh and then I found out Charles Trippy is in that band. I mean i knew he has been in a band for a while but didn't really pay notice to that.
For those who doesn't know who Charles Trippy is, he is a youtube star that makes everyday videos (vlogs) with his wife Alli.

I met 3 of the members before the show started and I swear to god I was so freaking hyper when I met them lol. To be honest all I really wanted was Charles autograph and I got it twice.

My bf (and I) on our way to Copenhagen to see the show)

My babe 

Me and my cousin

Lol do I look tired or what. But yay meeting the band

Meeting Charles... I do have another picture of us but we kinda both look weird hahaha

After the show

My bf got a picture with Charles too - he is so happy <3

My cousin and Charles

Yeah we all look creepy O.o

I have one blitz (kinda like red eye but not) eye, and my cousin is just creepy lol... waaaah we are scary

Travis singing outside the venue... He gave a small acoustic performance

I was so lucky to get this performance from him :D he has a voice that kicks ass

I saw this cool van after we left the show :P

Uh look I have autographs from them all... Im such a lucky girl

Have you guys heard of we the kings before? and do you like them?

Xoxo Mie

P.s yay the weekend is here woop

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, that is amazing! It's always great when you get to meet a band that you love! I'm super excited for you! :)

    1. Awww thank you :P haha is it weird im still all excited about it?

  2. I've never heard of them but its great that you got to meet the guys. sounds like you had a great night :D


    1. I really did have an amazing time thank you :P