lørdag den 7. april 2012

Shopping saturday + Haul

I am having one of those days where I am all over the place (I think im rather annoying), I've been feeling crappy these last couple of days and today has been okay I only have to deal with some allergies baah.
I've been dancing and singing (I am actually doing that now too - Listening to the Grease soundtrack lol)

Anyways on to my pictures and my day.
The sun has been out today (yay) but it was freaking cold (nay), so the shopping day got cut a bit short.
So since my hands was freezing like crazy I did not take any pictures outside.

We went to this little restaurant called Aunt Betty (so good), were I took this picture waiting for my food. Goodies from The Body Shop and Pieces

My bf being silly - Look at all those Nachos he got, oh btw for the curious soul it was with BBQ chicken

I got mexican pancakes with salad on the side. So good

Now for my small haul.

I got this super cute cardigan from Pieces.

And I robbed a Body shop - I was only looking and came out with all of this.. ups?

Some kind of hand cream for my mother in law

Hand cream for my bf.. his hands are dry like a dessert

I got this olive shower gel for free cause I used for 350 danish krones.. I REALLY like free stuff lol

I was in need of a Body scrub so I got the pink Grapefruit one (yes it smells like that). I once got a test cream and really like it so I thought why not

And I got a little sample - Shea Body butter. Sorry the picture is out of focus.

I hope you guys had a great saturday, and your easter is filled with chocolate :D

Xoxo Mie

10 kommentarer:

  1. lol cute!
    love the cardigan. :)

  2. I also have the rose handcream from bodyshop! smells sooooo good ;D

    happy easter!

    1. Yeah it does.. I was really surprised with the smell :D

  3. Yumm the Mexican pancakes look so good!! And really cute cardigan.
    And yay for body shop!! Everything looks amazing.

  4. Looks like you had a great day. The food and haul looks amazing!