mandag den 14. november 2011

Beep 2011

Beep 2011 is the first "real" gadget convention (that I know of) here in Denmark, and of course my bf talked me into going.
It was held in Bella Centeret, and was filled with gadgets.
To be honest it could have been better, BUT when you think that it was their first time they did it pretty well.
So here is a couple of pictures from it

my bf. He was very proud of his new hat lol

electrical cars

Diablo 3 baby

I just thought it looked cool

There was a little gaming area where random kids and adults could play

I want this game so bad

somehow it reminded me of lost

my bf gaming

The new smart tv from samsung. I would have shown you guys a picture of how cool the software in the tv looked but there was a guy who didn't want to move :/
I do believe that they nailed the future of tv, of course with room to improve.

Lego racetrack

KINECT!!!! - Oh how I love kinect

Asus computers - I was told by a little bird that these babies are pretty awesome

My bf infront of the good stuff

Oliver Bjerrehus dancing on stage... If you don't know who he is, then you will now lol. He is a male model and an aspiring dancer ?...

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