lørdag den 26. november 2011

Empties #1

This is my first empties post, its not that big so bare over with me.
I don't know what happened to me last night but around 1am I decided to clean up in my make up and stuff like that lol

1. Palmolive aroma therapy deo
2. 2x nivea dry comfort deo
3. Schwarzkopf Got2be smooth n silk
4. Some cheap nail polish remover
5. 2x Maybelline pure mineral concealer 04 rose beige
6. Lipstick, maybe from rimmel or some drugstore brand like that/ 115 porcelaine rose
7. Maybelline The falsie volum' express black
8. 2x Maybelline great lash mascara very black
9. Avril Lavigne black star parfume

1. I love this deo and have to find it again. the scent is really calming and not to strong. It was used pretty fast.
2. The nivea deo is another good one, I usually have it in my gym back and again the scent is not to strong.
3. Got2be. Okay I am gonna be honest. I love the packaging and "like" the smell when you spray (its not as strong in smell as some of the other hairsprays out there), but do I think the product is worth buying? No it doesn't do anything for my hair, and I rather use a bit more money on something I actually like. Again I love the packaging and honestly believe that it is the thing that keeps got2be running and makes people buying the product.
4. I can't remember where I got this nail polish remover from but it was cheap and it just basically sucked lol
5. This concealer is something I use every day. It fits my skin and I almost never leave the house without it.
6. This lipstick has been stuck with me ever since I got it. I never thought I was a lipstick person, but this changed my opinion about it, I always thought of lipstick as red granny lips lol
7. This is a really good mascara, I like it a lot and have a back up of it, right now though im trying out Maybelline lash stiletto in black
8. These were the first mascara I started out using when I first learned and got into make up. The formula is good, they just dont have that wow effect anymore
9. Oh god I never thought I was gonna say it but I really liked this parfume. When it first came out I was like oh she is just making fast money and bla bla bla, but then this little bottle was on sale so I thought I wanted to give it a chance, and dear good it has been a favorite for a long time, and was always in my purse.

Hope you guys enjoyed

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's pretty good for empties!
    Sometimes I like to stay up late and clean up things I wouldn't normally like to do.
    I agree with got2b! I like the packaging but their products never wow me either =/
    I was always wondering about Avril's perfume! But I really dislike that girl so I couldn't ever bring myself to smelling it lol.

  2. Haha omg we are so alike... I dislike her too.. I thought she was cool at first but then something happened, but I got to give it to her, that parfum is good =D