søndag den 6. november 2011

My goal

Weight has been and always will be a big issue for me... dont ask cause Im so fucked up in that department pardon my french, might tell you guys why some day.
Anyways I had a little melt down today and decided that instead of crying about my weight, Im gonna do something about it.
Im not gonna be a total strick one this month cause I can tell you right now that it is not possible with all the things going on this month.
But as always I will go to my gym, I use popilates/blogilates youtube videos and recipes and on top of that I just signed on to something called shapeupclub.com. It is free and there is even an app for the iphone, maybe even for android too. 
Shapeup is pretty cool cause you can register what you eat and your exercises, so Im gonna give it a little go and hopes it goes well.
So as I said Im not gonna go hardcore at it, plus the app told me my weight was normal so my goal is just to lose a few pounds and tone a bit up :)

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend, can't really believe its already over.


2 kommentarer:

  1. aww =( I hear you on the meltdown days! But good idea to do something about it rather then just be sad.
    I used to use this app but it was way too much effort for me lol. It's pretty useful though!

  2. Just found your blog tonight- very lovely :)
    check out me blog and follow me??