mandag den 21. november 2011

Christmas haul AGAIN!

Before anyone says anything - YES I know I have a problem with buying way too much christmas stuff.

Anywhoo Im just gonna jump right into it and show you guys pictures :)

I got this cute little tree from my man (yes its real)

Some paper clip, I might show guys how it turns out lol

This is for making stars

How cute is this candle?

And these were way too cute just walk past, so I bought them haha =D

Oh and these are so cool - It is gingerbread men and a tree that is supposed to hang on the christmas tree ( yeah that is NOT real)

Then I bought my bf (and myself shhh) an early christmas present - The complete Harry Potter collection

Ok I kinda have to warn you guys, if you don't like christmas you are gonna hate my blog until christmas is over cause I doubt this is the last christmas post - sorry hehe :P

Hope your monday was as good as it could get

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