lørdag den 26. november 2011


I thought I would combine a NOTD with an OOTD =)
I went to a christmas party for my bf's family, so I thought this was a perfect chance to do a little blog post - please let me know if you guys think its boring then I'll stop =)


Black top is from new yorker
skirt is from new yorker (both top and skirt are a year or two old, so you can't really find them any longer)
Boots - can't remember sorry

A little sweater from gina tricot - better picture here

Yes that is my computer in the background lol.. I was watching a makeup tutorial by Kat von D

Necklace from new yorker (I told you guys I was addicted to that store)
Gonna try and take a better picture for you guys later on

My little purple ring. I bought in a shop in germany - nothing expensive

Somehow I can not see what the color is called, but its from elite - and no its not called dancing queen, cause it says that on all my polishes from there =)

Hope you guys enjoyed it

Have a really good weekend

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