søndag den 13. november 2011

Christmas decorations DIY

This is gonna be a DIY project for beginners and clumsy people like me - pinecone edition.

I tend to find that some of the christmas decorations you can buy at the store you can easily make at home, and if you have kids (or just am a big kid) this is perfect.

Some pinecones I found in the woods

Some glitter- this was something I had laying around, you can use whatever glitter you like and it doesn't have to be white as snow.

Decoupage glue... again something I have laying around lol. Decoupage glue is nice, cause when it dries you can't see it.

A pensel. I just used the first one I found

Pour the glitter up into the lid so you have better control.

put some glue on one side of the pinecone and then dip it in the glitter, and do this again and again till the pinecone is covered like you want it.

Finished result - I kept some of them au neutral, cause I like it that way :)

I use these for christmas decorations, but you can easily put a string (not a ring lol) on it, and hang it on the christmas tree. Hope this was helpful :)

Hope your weekend was good


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