søndag den 20. november 2011

Small picture blog

Just thought I would share a few picture with you guys from last weekend when I went back home to my mom.

My two men - my bf and my cousin


My man all gangster - yo

Some guy posing as a statue 

Real statues lol

The queen lives here.. she was not in a tea giving mood

My moms christmas decoration - I love it, its so festive

My boring decoration lol.. it was made in the last minute before we had a 3,5 hour long drive home, so this was what I came up with - sad I know lol

We did see a lot of other things including this and this.

Hope you guys are having a good sunday

2 kommentarer:

  1. hi there! your place is so nice! :) Wish I could go there too :>

  2. Thanks yeah its pretty cool here, you should come =D