onsdag den 16. november 2011

Twilight Breaking down part1

So I was lucky enough to get tickets to a special screening of twilight breaking down part 1, and I invited my bf along on the ride.
The movies doesn't premiere until tomorrow so I feel very privileged to already have seen it and..... It is GOOD.
If you've seen the other ones then this is a must.
I am not going into detail about what the movie is about, but if you know the twilight universe then this one comes as no surprise to you. I still prefer the book over the movie, but that is just me.  
I dont want to ruin it for anyone,  but I just have to say one thing (LOOK AWAY IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW)
She is wearing two wedding dresses in the movie and to be honest the first was the pretties in my opinion. my thoughts were waooow.
Uh and if I was good at makeup I would so recreate her wedding look but Im not, so Im just gonna wait till some youtube guru does it.
Kristen Steward was so pretty in the movie - yes I just had to throw that in.

here is a few pictures

My ticket - oh god I have a huge thumb O.O

Yay a poster 

My bf

free goodiebag/swagbag oh yeah baby this is life lol

In the goodiebag:

A reading sample of The Hunger Games from Stephanie Meyer

CHIPS - Yir boi

Sweets - Loving this...

Burn energy drink

A sample of Garnier pure 3in1 wash, scrub and mask

A speaker dude telling us about twilight (btw he was NOT in the goodiebag lol)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh so lucky you! Great snag bag and can't wait to see the movie. I love the books! Last year I went to a preview of True Blood and got a snag bag with a drink that's red, a book and other stuff..I loved it and wish I was able to attend Twilight's.


  2. Lol he was not in the goodie bag!
    I've never seen any twilight and probably never will=\ but it looks like it would be neat to go see this before it was out as well the goodie bag!
    Glad you enjoyed it:)

  3. Shels415: Oh you are the lucky one.. I LOVE true blood... but yeah gifts are awesome lol

    Taygan: Don't you like twilight? :) yeah don't laugh but i actually felt cool cause i saw it before the premier date haha