torsdag den 17. november 2011

Disney brings out the child in me

 This past weekend I went  to see my mom in Copenhagen (the capital of denmark), and I have this thing that every time I get a chance to visit I have to go to strøget. 
Strøget is a long street with loads of shops (read about strøget here) and when I got there I found out to my surprise a disney store has opened.
There are 11 disney stores around europe and the store in copenhagen is the 11th.
Normally im not a Disney fan, don't get me wrong I like disney movies but im NOT a fan... well something happened when I entered that store.
The vibe in that store is amazing and I took some pictures to show it

In this tree you can watch small movie clips - so freaking cool

Some christmas balls I want - lol i wrote balls again
If someone knows what its called please tell me cause I keep giggling every time I write balls. 

A place where kids can see disney movies, its even possible to choose you favorite disney movie or short film to show

Im so gonna buy all these mugs

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love classic Disney. The new decor for the Disney stores are so pretty :)

  2. Aww how fun!!! I freaking want that cup!!!the last one:)
    Looks like it would be a fun store to look around in!

  3. Confetti-hearts : Yeah it is really pretty. it takes you into the magic world in a sec.

    Taygan: I know right so freaking amazing... and yes the last one is the one i want the most

  4. I love Disney :D The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite <3