torsdag den 3. januar 2013

Welcome 2013

Hi guys, 
I hope you had a great new years, and have had an awesome start to 2013.
I gave myself a little break from the blogging world (two days), cause I had been writing every day in December and figured you guys needed a break as well ;)

My new years eve was lovely, I was with my boyfriend, eating lots of food, drinking and dancing.
Next day (jan 1), I was feeling really sorry for myself. I had a headache from hell, and all that stuff about being healthy just doesn't cut it when you have a hangover - sorry

Jan 2, I started school. Super early I know. I started off by learning a new language... German to be exact. It is a bit hard, so if you guys have any tips on learning german please let me know.

As of right now, I am trying to put a workout playlist together... new year = New music.
I am one of those persons who gets bored very fast, so I always need something new to keep me entertained.

What have you guys been doing these past couple of days?

Xoxo Mie

1 kommentar:

  1. i haven't been doing anything new or productive. i am sorta still on vacation. lolz.
    i wanna start yoga again soon, though.

    happy new year, Mie! :)