mandag den 28. januar 2013

Girl crush - Jojo

I have loved Jojo ever since she first came out as a musician. I think she is so talented, has a drive like no other and on top of that, she is so pretty.
She first got onto the music scene with the song Leave (get out), and I know for a fact that song was way overplayed in the end here in Denmark
Other hit songs by her is baby it's you, too little too late & disaster.
Back then when my hair was darker people compared me to her, and I thought it was the biggest compliment ever... hmm maybe I should dye my hair dark again :D
I love how she seems so down to earth and so focused on her work and not afraid to take chances. Honestly she makes me want to work my ass of even more.

Jojo - In the dark

Jojo - Disaster

What do you think of Jojo?
Who inspires you?

Xoxo, Mie

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