lørdag den 5. januar 2013

My gift from eFoxcity

Last year in 2012 (sounds so weird lol), I was contacted by eFoxcity. They asked if I was interested in writing a blog post about them, and as a thank you I would receive some free jewelry. Well I am a woman and I do like some bling, so I accepted.
My necklace arrived new years eve day, so appropriate.
I simply love it. It is so cute and I had to wear it right away when I got it.
You can find the necklace here, and it only cost $9.31

I am so grateful for the opportunity that eFoxcity gave me. That was my first real writer job for someone.. pretty cool huh?

I hope you guys are enjoying the new year as much as I am

Xoxo, Mie

10 kommentarer:

  1. Oh the necklace is beautiful!! and happy belated new year! hope you have a wonderful year ahead! ^^

    1. Thank you ^_^Yes it is really pretty

  2. it is really dainty and pretty! :D

  3. Svar
    1. it really is, and so simple as well

  4. Awww that necklace is really feminine and cute, I love it!

    Congratulations on writing your first sponsored post!!! =D


    1. Thank you so much rosie, and yes its really cute :D