tirsdag den 15. januar 2013

Elf haul

So before christmas, Elf had a huge 50% sale, and I tried not look but somehow I failed and bought a little something something.
Shopping on the site was a nightmare that day, cause so many people was on it. I have to admit that I almost gave up. I had trouble checking the stuff out, so I thought okay this is a sign not to buy and I left it, but a couple of hours later I ended up going back to the site and it worked. I now I have some new stuff lol
Anyways I justified it all with I only had to pay half of what it normally would cost.

Eyeliner & shadow stick (studio line)
Mineral lipstick - Nicely nude
Lipstick - Posh
Lipstick - Fearless
Lip liner & blending brush - nude pink (studio line)
Lip liner & blending brush - red (studio line)
Eyebrow kit - dark brown (studio line)
Lotion Wipes - Vanilla & coconut (studio line)
Kabuki face brush (studio line)
Flawless concealer brush (studio line)

I will do a couple of swatch posts and reviews, so if you guys are interested in buying some elf products, you will know if they are good or not.

Do you guys like elf? And what is your favorite product from them?

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  1. You got some really great stuff! Sounds like it was worth all of the difficulties dealing with the website.

  2. I lovvvv elf! My fav product is the liquid eyeliner.... I use mine everyday!
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    -Jen <3 :)