onsdag den 7. september 2011

Wishlist wednesday

So once again its wishlist wednesday, this time maybe a bit more grown up O.o

1. Cute bed linen.. We kinda need it bad but it is so freaking expensive here in denmark, so if anyone knows some cute site on the web let me know

2. A big mirror 

3. a new blender.. mine has seen better days

thats about it..  =)

I am currently editing a video and depending on how busy I am, I might post it soon

and I will have two elf haul posts up soon

Hope you guys are doing good

Happy wednesday


4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi!!

    I love that bed linen! How cute is it???

    Just found your blog! Loved it so far!

    Go check out mine if you ever have a chance!

    xo Rose


  2. ooo that bed is soo nice! Bed and Bedding totally suck because they are so expensive -I can only imagine in Denmark :( but soo nice to have something like that! (not that I do lol)

    yay Elf haul =D and video =D I meant to ask you, what does your nickname mean??

  3. Taygan: my name osxg33kgirl? osx is apple/mac related g33k is geek and im a girl. so osxg33kgirl = osx geek girl =D I hope that made sense and it was that nickname you were talking about lol

  4. Ahh yes that does make sense:) it's so unique! I had no idea! But then again I live under a rock lol