fredag den 2. september 2011

Misheard lyrics

Do you know what its like to sing a long to a song you don't know the words to but sing it anyways... yeah I do that a lot, and sometimes when Im bored I look up misheard lyrics on youtube and seriously some of them are really good.
I heard pussycat dolls on the radio and somehow I always sing the same part wrong even though I googled the lyrics before haha... The song Im talking about is When I grow up. In the chorus they sing they want groupies, when I first heard it I thought they wanted boobies... yup I did not understand that part of the song so as I said I googled it haha

I was gonna post a video of one of my favorite misheard lyrics videos but somehow Im not allowed so here is the link to it right here. This video makes me smile, and I've actually begun singing the chorus like that haha

hope you'll have a great weekend

- Mie

5 kommentarer:

  1. Haha!
    Lol, lloved the video!

    Please visit my blog <3

  2. Lmfao I swear I JUST found out it was groupies too!! I seriously thought it was boobies until I heard a punk cover version which is a good cover!

    I also love misheard lyrics! Good post :)

  3. Marika: thank you and loved your blog. am a new follower =D

    Taygan: Haha yeah its pretty funny. Have you heard mayday parades version?

  4. ..,super nice blog! i ♥ it!
    I already follow you =)
    hope you had time to check my blog:
    xoxo! ~thanks!(✿◠‿◠)

  5. Yes that's the one I have on my iPod! I really like it :)