tirsdag den 20. september 2011

Late elf haul

So I was gonna put this haul up about two weeks ago but forgot cause I had a lot of other things to write about.. but better late than never..

first up is the brushes.. I bought the Studio stipple brush and blushing, bronzing and blending brush

High definition powder (HD powder)

Lipstick - Fantasy and seductive 

Hypershine lipgloss - Fairy and flirt

False lashes - Dramatic and naturally 

So far I am very satisfied and the delivery was actually okay quick. I read some place that the lipsticks could break during the delivery, but I did not experience that. Everything was nicely wrapped.

Happy tuesday to all =)


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  1. Nice products! :) I love these lashes!♥


  2. I haven't tried the lashes yet but only heard good things about them, so can't wait =D

  3. Nominated you for a blog award! Check out my post :)

  4. I love the lashes... but I think the glue no works very very well like others (:
    thanks for share hun n,n


  5. Fab haul, I'm yet to try elf products :).

    Sadie x


  6. Lovely haul! I really want to try their lipsticks :) xx

  7. Monseroath777: Oh i didn't know that thanks for the info =D

    Sadie : you should try it then... cheap but good products =D

    Emily: Their lipsticks are really good im not disapointed

  8. hey,
    i nominated you for my blog!
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  9. Love the Elf hauls a lot for some reason! I guess you can get a lot of things for decent price so it's always good. I LOVE their brushes and lip glosses!!! I want to know what you think of their lashes & HD Powder too! =) it's almost the weekend!!!!( I am reading this post a bit late!)

  10. You have so many blog nominations! lol! No wonder since you have a great blog. I also nominated you for a blog award. (prob the same ones)

  11. Great blog! Love the haul! I only own one Elf brush so let me know how it goes. They're pretty decent price. The lashes looks darling, are you going to take pictures with them on?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and come back! And I don't mind if you copy the style. As long as you take a picture and send it to me =)


  12. I love ELF hauls, nomatter how many I see I love to see what people buy!

  13. Where do you get elf from? I always see it in magazines and don't know where to get it from!

  14. honestly I wonder how u got the lipsticks in one piece. I got three of them in two hauls and knew before even opening them that they were broken.
    gr8 picks anyway.
    how good/bad is the stippling brush??