onsdag den 28. september 2011

where Im at

So I just wanted to share a quick little post with you guys, so that those of you who follows this blog can get a better sense and feeling about where I am from.

So here is a short little video I found on youtube about Denmark

I tried to find videos where they speak danish, but the foreign people sounds weird, and others I just wasn't impressed of.. gotta represent right.. haha I sounded gangster in my head... Im NOT

anyways, yay for wednesday almost friday =D

have an awesome day


3 kommentarer:

  1. =D Almost friday YAY!! lol it seems we are ALWAYS wanting that day to get here.
    I had an ex bf who travelled to Demark to tattoo actually and it sounded freaking amazing, as well as all the pictures I saw!
    by the video it looks amazing,things seem much more interesting there then here! =)

  2. its because we are so cool, that we know how special friday is lol
    wow thats cool with your ex =D you should visit some time... and nooo don't say that, canada is AMAZING. I would give my right arm to travel around there. Its just too expensive for me to fly there anytime soon

  3. I honestly think i'd be too scared to fly over there! I hardly can stand an hour or 2 flight =/ When I went to Vegas earlier this year ( about 3 hour flight from where I am ) I had to drink quite a bit and freaked out a lot on the flight lol.
    It would be pretty cool to visit each others countries though! it would be insane expensive!!!