søndag den 4. september 2011

My weekend

Is it me or does the weekend fly by even faster now than they did before?
Anywhoo this weekend was pure relaxing... The bf and I went to my in-laws vacation house and stayed there for the weekend. I was supposed to write a couple of blogs but my bf somehow talked me into that he could borrow my computer so he could play on it lol

Me on the way to the vacation house. you cant see me that well but nice hand I have going on there

A nice fireplace 

Saturday we were gonna buy some groceries when we saw this helicopter flying with this weird thing, so we decided to chase the helicopter until I got a good shoot at what it was flying with.. yeah I could so be a detective haha

Food time.. we decided to grill mmmmm

the bf putting the food on the table

Hope you guys had a great weekend


2 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds like a really nice weekend =)
    what the heck was that thing hanging from the helicopter? I like to think I could be a detective too lol we'd make a good team haha

    yes yes weekends fly by =,( its because we are getting old! boooo

  2. haha yeah we would be awesome..
    It was some training the helicopter did. There is a military area close to the vacation house.
    But yeah the weekend was good =D