fredag den 16. september 2011

Blog from work

So here i am at work and thought hey why not try the new blogger app, so yes that is what im doing... Why work right? Haha
Its actually okay this app (i use the one for iPhone) and Best of All its free
I would like some small changes though including being able to read the blogs you follow.
That would be handy when you're bored at work lol
Picture is of a rainbow at work yesterday

5 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah I don't like the blogger app for the same reason. I use google reader to read the blogs I follow but on that app you can't comment! Haha someone needs to come out with a perfect app...

  2. yeah I second that... Im just not that impressed... I mean ts nice that you can write a blog on the go, but thats it for the app

  3. Haha cute random blog!

  4. I like the rainbow =D I didnt know there was a blogger app! Even if it's not great I'm gonna try it out if it's free!

  5. Pretty rainbow! I haven't seen one of those in a while!

    Now following..hope you return the love!