fredag den 13. januar 2012

What's for dinner

It is friday the 13th... what do you do?
I actually started my morning arriving late for work cause I did not hear my alarm clock go off lol... anyways after a boring day At work and a kick ass gym session I was ready to eat. I love friday the 13th so I always want to do something cool (not horror cool), so I decided that I wanted to take my bf out to dinner... 
We went to a place where they had a running sushi buffet - sounds weird I know, but it was good trust me.

Heart shaped sushi... How cute is that

My bf eating - yup he's a man

I was too scared to try this but it looked good... Maybe next time?

My bf dobbel dared me to eat to pieces of sushi at once.... I did it and they were HOT as hell

Chinese beer... It was actually really good

When we got home we watched the movie choose... it was okay good :)

Do you guys like sushi? And if you do what is your favorite ?


4 kommentarer:

  1. I love sushi! Sashimi, rolls, cones... any kind but I like the ones with sashimi mixed in especially o^-^o.

  2. glad to be your latest follower. that dinner looks so yummy! i really enjoy a bottle of tsingtao! one of the best beers! xx alice.

    1. Yeah it was so good.. first time I tried it... and thank you so much :D