lørdag den 21. januar 2012

Unboxing: Konad stamping nail art B set

Yay I finally got my package I've been waiting for (feels like forever waiting lol)

I orded the Konad stamping nail art B set and its now in my hands... I will probably try it out tonight or tomorrow, so I promise I will keep you guys posted

This is how it looks

They even send me sweets - I freaking love people that send me sweets or chocolate - I already know this is gonna be a hit lol

My little beginner kit

Instructions inside

Oh so pretty.. 3 Nail polishes, in the little pink box there are 4 stamping plates and a scraper, and lastly a stamper

The plates

I can't wait to try it =D

Hope your weekend is good


4 kommentarer:

  1. I really want to try these stamping kits. How much was it? xx


  2. it did... it was pretty simple =D