onsdag den 18. januar 2012

Late night shenanigans

Ok this is so weird but true... I was doing Pilates (at home) and I just felt the need to bake a cake and remembered we had one of those easy packs, where you just put it all in a bowl and thats that.. It was about 22.00 when I started making it lol.

anywhoo here are some pics

Vanilla cake

the black thingys are chocolate

To be honest the cake wasn't as good as I hoped it would be :/

And now its time for bed...
I can so feel the weekend calling lol

Hope you guys had a great day =D


8 kommentarer:

  1. lol :)
    it's funny doing pilates makes you think about things like this!
    i don't bake so i respect anyone who does. ^-^

    have a pleasant dream. :)

    1. yeah it was weird... and thanks.. come over and I'll make you a cake lol

  2. lol nothing better then mid work out and thinking "hey I need cake" ;)
    and I fricken hate when I make something and it doesnt taste as good as it should =( looks good though!

    1. haha yeah...
      Yeah I know it had a bitter after taste yuk

  3. Even thought it doesn't taste good, it sure looks good!

  4. It looks good, even if it didnt turn out how you wanted!