søndag den 1. januar 2012


Yay for first post of the year 2012 woop
So I am not gonna do an outfit of the day today cause to be honest I'm a bit hungover, and all Im wearing is shorts and an oversized tank top from H&M
I had a great new year and might post some pictures (if they are any good :) ), soon but now Im just gonna share an outfit of the yesterday lol.
This was not THE new years outfit, it was a birthday outfit. My bf's grandma had a birthday so yeah that was the outfit... very casual.

The black/white shirt is an oldie but a goodie from new yorker
Jeans from new yorker - they are way to big on me now plus they are practically fallen apart, but they are my favorite lol
Little black bolero (sweater) from H&M kids section lol.. yeah I buy kids clothes a lot at H&M cause its cheaper and I kan fit into them

Hope you guys had a great new years 


3 kommentarer:

  1. Happy New Year!! all the best for 2012!
    lol about the kids section :P
    hope you have an awesome moment! :)

  2. LOL I am hungover today too...yuckkkkkkkkkkk
    I hope your New Years was good!
    haha that's funny you buy the kids clothes at H&M! I havent looked in that store forever but I will have to browse the kids and see whats there since I am short too!
    Cute shirt I like it!

  3. Lil miss sauniya : thank you so much and the same to :D but yeah its true about the clothes lol.

    Taygan: My new years was great, hope yours was too. Yeah you should do that sometimes they have really cool t-shirts on sale