torsdag den 12. januar 2012

Review: Maybelline Lash stiletto mascara

I can honestly say I am not a big mascara shopper... Makeup here in Denmark is expensive so when I buy something I use it till the last drop.
For the last month or so I have been using the Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara and truth be told I am actually considering throwing it out.
They say it's the mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for honestly I have seen better results with others. Its not that it is a BAD mascara it just doesn't do what I want for my eyes - Fullness and length.
It does clump a bit and sometimes I feel like I can peel clumps out of my lashes, and thats just not okay plus it flakes a bit. Every morning I have to remove small black spots from under my eyes and I don't even go near that area.
I would not repurchase this product..

Have you guys tried this one?


4 kommentarer:

  1. aww i am sorry it didn't work out for you. it was pretty good for me to use everyday. luckily i didn't have any clumping/smudging problem, then i wanted something more dramatic so i stopped using it.
    maybe there is no such thing as finding a perfect mascara! ;(

  2. I haven't actually seen this product here in England, such a shame it didn't work out for you! xx

  3. Sucks that it didn't work out for you :(. I find a lot of mascaras make my lashes look flat and droopy so it's hard to find one that works for me.

  4. Aww :( thats a waste of money. You could return the item though if you didn't liked it. Try UD Canonball mascara. It didn't give me that racoon eye. ( I am asian and most of us have difficulty applying mascara will drop down). It also gives me full, longer mascara- truth. Hope that helps :)