tirsdag den 17. januar 2012


So I have been preparing for two blogposts today and when I tried to transfer my photos from my phone to iphoto they came out all black and while transferring them I deleted them from my phone arrrrrg.. I am so frustrated cause one blog post was a recipe with lots of pics...

Anyways I am determent to blog today so here are some random pics :)

New years eve.. we decided to spend the evening just the two of us (the bf and I)... very romantic indeed 

Then my bf's grandma came by to visit me at work - she does that every other week.. this time she brought the dogs.. yeah I had my own little guard while I was working lol

Then it was time to hit the treadmill again.. it was so hard starting up again

Last weekend the in laws came by and before the came over the bf and I spend hours cleaning... Yeah we are not that good at that lol

My mother in law brought me chocolate... I love everyone who brings me chocolate <3 

Uh and then I bought two tickets to the simple plan concert in april... cant wait

That is me at work taken this week... baaah I look bored, and I was lol

Sorry that this was kind of a rushed post... i promise I'll do better next time lol

Btw if you guys have any suggestions to future blog posts please let me know =)

10 kommentarer:

  1. thanks for letting us peeking through your life.
    i love the last picture. ;)

    1. you are so sweet Lena, thank you *hugs*

  2. Love the random pics :D Hope you enjoy that concert when it comes!

    1. Thank you and I hope I will too =)

  3. I love your book case!! oh I remember Simple Plan! Malaysians would go crazy over them a few years back!! :) thanks for the comment btw ^_^

    1. You are welcome :P and yeah simple plan used to be big.. not as much anymore sadly :/

  4. I LOVE the couch! Is that your living room?
    Super cute dog =D
    what the heck is iphoto?
    and how did you get the reply on the comments??

    1. Yes that is our living room :p

      Iphoto is phoeto editing thing you have on a mac computer
      I have no idea :O suddenly they were there.. maybe it has something to do with my layout?